A stethoscope web-app for telehealth.

See why industry leading telehealth integrators choose our stethoscope streaming solution
to modernize the provider experience and share in a flexible business model.

Stethoscope Integration.

Our web drivers allow stethoscope integration while maintaining superior audio quality.

Workflow Integration.

Integrate TeleSensi with your user management system to create a unified experience for providers.

Business Integration.

Deploy TeleSensi as part of your solution offering and create more value for your customers.

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Now also optimized for the Littmann 3200.

Interactive Graphics.

To help facilitate the auscultation process, instantly.


Plug and Play.

Full integration support from a team of telehealth experts.

Use any Stethoscope.

Use the digital stethoscopes you already own.

TeleSensi enables HIPAA compliance.

Managed peer-to-peer sessions and encryption are two of the methods used to enable providers with HiPAA compliance. To learn more about what TeleSensi does to enable compliance, visit our document below.

Partnership is our priority.

Our business is driven by creating technology partnerships across the tele-health ecosystem. We are looking forward to share our know-how in creating a tele-auscultation solution for you.

Providers and Health Care Systems.

Telemedicine Integrators.

Stethoscope Manufacturers.

About Us

Sensi is a team of bio-sound experts with intimate knowledge of integrating sensors into advanced healthcare systems. We have developed technology that has been FDA cleared and is used by multiple providers in the USA to diagnose patients daily. We work with innovative technology partners to bring you with the best solution.

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