TeleSensi™ – the only stethoscope streaming solution you should be considering

The electronic stethoscope plays a central role in tele-medicine consultations. With the Littmann™  3200 being the stethoscope of choice, it is only natural for consumers to look for and choose a streaming solution that matches the quality of the device.

In this article, I review the factors that should influence this choice and demonstrate why TeleSensi™  is the perfect solution.


Precision audio streaming and clinical workflow should be two of the main characteristics to ensure that your tele-auscultations are clinically relevant.

We developed TeleSensi™ in collaboration with healthcare professionals to deliver superior audio quality while aligning to the clinical workflow of a tele-consultation. consequently, TeleSensi™ has intuitive and easy to use interface. New users will therefore need minimal training.  As a web-based application, it is available for use regardless of location. Furthermore, TeleSensi™ is HIPAA compliant and FDA cleared as a Class I device.

We have designed our user management to enable seamless and effortless management of users – from the smallest hub-and-spoke practice to the largest networks.  Trouble-shooting is a breeze with centrally managed users.


The primary mission of TeleSensi™ is to ensure that what you hear at source is what you hear at destination, no matter the distance.

We have developed a bespoke Bluetooth™  driver for the Littmann™  3200 which ensures connection stability and superior quality and clarity of sound. As a result you can reuse your existing electronic stethoscope infrastructure – no need to invest in expensive equipment.

In addition, TeleSensi™  is stethoscope-agnostic. As a result, you can plug and play with any electronic stethoscope, even stream between different brands and to generic audio output devices.


Are you transitioning from one solution to another? Are you looking to implement a new streaming solution for the first time?

We understand that implementing any technology solution in a healthcare environment is a special project. Especially when transitioning from one solution to another. In addition to our product focus, we live by the importance of reliable and personal tech-support.

To ensure that you are ready for effortless implementation, we provide:

  • A quick-start guide,
  • A complete user manual,
  • virtual training for trainers
  • Ongoing specialist support (third-line)


In conclusion, in a world where technology develops at an almost impossible pace, the human touch grows ever more important.  And as patient care lies at the heart of all efforts, we understand your motivation:

  • Help your patients feel better,
  • Keep them healthy and
  • ensure that the right patient receives the right care at the right time.

Talk to us about how we can help you to achieve your patient outcomes or to organise a demo.